Cheek Brush AQ 17 TAKE MOYOU


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Red Squirrel bristles.
Softness rate 10/10
This is a very rare Japanese brush made from Shinachiku(bamboo). The handle was made from carefully selected Shinachiku(bamboo). We cut out the straight, almost circular part of the Shinachiku(bamboo) to make the handle. The inside of the handle is powered, making it a very light brush. Bristle is a soft red squirrel.
Engraving is not available.

Spec & Size Information

Toe TypeRound & Flat shape
Bristles MaterialRed Squirrel bristles
Made InKumano Hiroshima Japan

Aabout 20.2cm
Babout 3.5cm
Cabout 6.9mm
Dabout 16.7mm


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