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Tanseido, founded more than 80 years ago, has accumulated an advanced standard of development and processing technologies in brush making, from initial brush conception, material selection and sourcing, through production in the Hiroshima town of Kumano, Japan’s number one manufacturer of brushes. With our roots in manufacturing of calligraphy brushes, we now take pride in our manufacture of cosmetics brushes. We are proud to say that Tanseido is contributing to society through our commitment to adding new value to brushes by exercising unrestricted creativity in design and production techniques.

The Tanseido name is recognized, the world-over, in the cosmetics industry and our brushes are highly evaluated for their best quality. We are proud to say that many famous brand cosmetics makers and professionals such as make-up artists have made Tanseido brushes their personal choice.


We are pursuing the creation of new values in cosmetology by providing hygienic and safe brushes through our originally developed UV sanitizing system and by production of cosmetics bushes customized for individual customers (names carved into brushes, etc.) In design of the brush handles, we are creating original products and developing our technical skills by tapping into our pool of accumulated skill and knowhow to produce brushes with artistic luxury in mind, from bejeweled handles made from gold and platinum, to masterfully lacquered handles, and brushes with unified texture between brush head and handle.

We are committed to satisfying each of our customers under the appreciation of the “Made in Japan” logo in our pursuit of growing the Tanseido name and brand identity. Your continued patronage is much appreciated by everybody associated with the Tanseido name.

Tanseido Co.,Ltd.
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