Basic Set 2


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Special brush set.


Cheek Brush JWQ 20B

Goat Hair (Sokouhou)
Black Dyed
Softness rate 6/10
Length:about12.5cm (Bristles length:4cm)


Eye Blow Brush NS 2

Nylon Hair (Sokouhou)
Softness rate 5/10
Length:about14cm (Bristles length:25mm)


Lip Brush TRO-01(BLK)、TRO-02(SILVER)、TRO-03(BLU)

Wasel Hair (Sokouhou)
Softness rate 3/10
about about14cm, Retract Size 8.5cm (Bristles length:10mm)

Red Color set comes with TRO-02(SILVER)



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