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Kumano Fude

The Best Make Up Brushes from Kumano Hiroshima Japan

Kumano Fude From Tanseido

The words “MADE IN JAPAN” are engraved on the shaft of all Tanseido makeup brushes. While many manufacturers make their parts overseas and assemble them in Japan, Tanseido’s makeup brushes are made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen, with shafts and metal fittings ordered from a workshop here in Kumano Town. “For the safety and security of our customers, we create high-quality products that take great care and are of high quality without being involved in price competition.” The “MADE IN JAPAN” stamp is Tanseido’s pride and confidence.




made in japan


  • No.17 blue color handle and FC20

    Feb 15th 2024 No. 17 handle blue color coming soon Finally, the blue handle No. 17 is completed. We also made a liquid foundation brush using Fetch100%. The model number is FC20. Scheduled to go on sale soon.
  • Year-end and New Year holiday notice

    We will be closed on the following dates. Dec 28(THU)-JAN 4(THU)I hope you have a great New Year's holiday.
  • No. 17 handle blue color coming soon

    Dec 12th 2023 No. 17 handle blue color coming soon Until now, the number 17 handle was only available in red. We are now able to produce blue handles at the handle specialty workshop in Kumano Town that we are affiliated with. Maybe it will be able to place an order from around February next year. Please...
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